Twice the best bank in trade finance according to EBRD

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) recognized the most successful partner banks from around the world and the most active players in Green TFP 2020. The state-owned UKRGASBANK received awards in two nominations:

1. Deal of the year - Green trade

UKRGASBANK won this nomination along with SEB Bank (Finland) for promoting responsible attitude to natural resources and the environment (in particular, forest resources management) by supporting the trade in eco-friendly recyclable paper products. It allows reducing CO2 emissions, equivalent to planting more than 700 000 trees.

UKRGASBANK financed the purchase of environmentally friendly paper raw materials from a Finnish company - one of the largest producers of such raw materials in the world. Our customer used this raw material for the production of eco-dishes of well-known world brands in Ukraine.

Green TFP allows partner banks to use their trade finance mechanisms to support the export, import, and local distribution of modern technologies and materials in line with the EBRD green economy transition approach (GET).

2. The most active issuing bank in Ukraine

The EBRD Trade Facilitation Program (TFP) identified the most successful partner banks in 2020. The award ceremony took place during the first TFP virtual information session at the EBRD's 30th Annual Meeting.

Within the framework of the EBRD Trade Facilitation Program, UKRGASBANK conducted the largest number of trade finance transactions with the EBRD participation (issuance of letters of credit, counter-guarantees, etc.) among other Ukrainian banks participating in this program.

The EBRD's flagship program has played a vital role in supporting trade in the EBRD's regions since the beginning of the global coronavirus pandemic in 2020.


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