Payments without opening an account

JSB “UKRGASBANK” offers You to make payments in national currency within Ukraine at the cash desks of branches.

You can make payments to the following recipients:

  • resident legal entities;
  • individual entrepreneurs;
  • permanent and official representative offices in Ukraine.

The terms of acceptance of payments (amount of commission) depend on the presence or absence of the recipient of the Agreement on acceptance of payments with the Bank.

The amount of the commission withheld from the payer at the cash desk of the Bank shall be calculated according to the rounding rules in accordance with NBU Resolution No. 25 of March 15, 2018 "About optimization of circulation of small coins denominations":

  • the amount ending from 1 to 4 cents is rounded down to the nearest amount ending in 0 cents;
  • the amount ending from 5 to 9 cents is rounded up to the nearest amount ending in 0 cents.

You can pay

  • for goods or services;
  • for utilities (gas, water, rent, electricity, etc.);
  • for training;
  • taxes and fees;
  • for tourist services;
  • charitable contributions;
  • other payments.


Name of operations/services Tariff, without VAT
Acceptance of national currency cash payments from individuals and entities for their further transfer to the accounts of entities* to 1 000 000,00 UAH – 1% of the whole price
but not less than 25,00 UAH and no more than 5 000,00 UAH per payment
from 1 000 000,01 UAH – 0,6% of the amount

*In the absence of the entity - the recipient of the funds concluded with the JSB "UKRGASBANK" Agreement on the acceptance of payments.

In the case of the Agreement with the recipient, tariffs, as well as the party paying the commission (sender or recipient), are determined by the terms of the Agreement.