UKRGASBANK is on the top-100 Ukrainian taxpayers list

Based on the data provided by State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, UKRGASBANK has once again confirmed its position among top-100 Ukrainian taxpayers in 2018.

UKRGASBANK reduces interest rates for green projects cutting harmful emissions

UKRGASBANK introduces loan interest rates differentiation for green projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The higher CO2 reduction is, the lower the rate for the client is going to be.

UKRGASBANK has been nominated as 2018 best trade finance bank in Eastern Europe

UKRGASBANK was shortlisted for Global Trade Review’s international “Leaders in Trade” award which highlights excellence in the trade, commodity, supply chain, export finance and fintech markets. The Bank was nominated in the category “The best trade finance bank in Eastern Europe, 2018”. Global Trade Review is a world-class independent publishing and events company involved in global trade.

UKRGASBANK has become a leader in lending to business

UKRGASBANK topped the corporate loan portfolio growth rating, according to the National Bank of Ukraine.

UKRGASBANK becomes the first Ukrainian bank to join SME Finance Forum

UKRGASBANK became the newest member of the SME Finance Forum, a global membership network that brings together 150 financial institutions, technology companies, and development finance institutions to share knowledge, spur innovation, and promote the growth of SMEs. UKRGASBANK is currently the only bank to represent Ukraine at the SME Finance Forum.

Ukrgasbank provided USD 1.3 million tender guarantees to non-resident companies

State-owned Ukrgasbank has provided guarantees in the amount of $1.3 million to non-resident companies to participate in tenders in Ukraine through cooperation with leading foreign banks. The bank’s partners already include leading foreign banks from China, Turkey and Europe.

Ukrgasbank’s profit in 2018 amounted to UAH 766 million

According to full-year 2018 results, the profit of Ukrgasbank amounted to UAH 766 million, which is almost 20% higher than the target approved by the Bank's Supervisory Board.

Ukrgasbank signs a new credit facility with NEFCO to boost the implementation of green projects in the private sector in Ukraine

The Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO) and the state-owned Ukrgasbank have today launched a new facility to support the implementation of renewable energy projects in Ukraine. The EUR 10 million facility will finance projects implemented by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) over a period of seven years. NEFCO has signed a loan agreement with Ukrgasbank for EUR 5 million, and Ukrgasbank will invest a further EUR 5 million in the facility.

Ukrgasbank supported a private investor in the implementation of environmental projects in Ukraine

Ukrgasbank completed the first structured trade financing agreement for LLC "LNK" in the amount of EUR 280 thousand for the purchase of imported cogeneration gas-piston equipment with a capacity of 5MW for "green" electricity production.

UKRGASBANK Showed High Performance Results According To NBU Stress-Test

On December 28, 2018, the National Bank of Ukraine announced the results of stress-testing for 25 largest Ukrainian banks. Stress-tests were run under baseline scenario which envisaged normal development for the Ukrainian economy, as well as under stressed scenario, envisaging significant deterioration in the macroeconomic situation.

Ukrgasbank will openly accredit EPC contractors

Ukrgasbank has launched a new line of services - a public procedure for accrediting EPC contractors, general contractors for the construction of renewable energy industrial facilities.

Ukrgasbank receives EUR 15 million trade finance loan from a European bank

Ukrgasbank has obtained a bilateral unsecured loan in the amount of EUR 15 million from a leading European bank. The 6-month loan will be used to finance foreign trade transactions of Ukrgasbank’s clients.

China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation to cooperate with Ukrgasbank on green financing

China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation, or Sinosure, has announced its intention to cooperate with Ukrgasbank on green finance projects.

Ukrgasbank reports UAH 688m profit, exceeds annual target

In the first 11 months of 2018, the net profit of Ukrgasbank amounted to UAH 688m, which has already exceeded its annual target.

UKRGASBANK is the only bank without foreign capital in Ukraine’s Top-5 most stable banks

Ukrainian state-owned bank, Ukrgasbank, has become the first bank without foreign capital to join the top five most stable banks in Ukraine, according to an expert survey.  

UKRGASBANK financed the construction of the first solar photovoltaic station in Chernobyl
Ukrgasbank provided an eco-loan worth EUR 740,000 for the construction of a unique Solar Photovoltaic Station in the city of Pripyat in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. The new station is expected to generate 1MW annually…
UKRGASBANK has joined the Polish Government Program for Exports Support

UKRGASBANK has joined the Polish Government Program for Exports Support with a credit line from the Polish state development bank Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (BGK). UKRGASBANK’s participation in the Program and the credit line established by BGK gives a number of advantages to the UKRGASBANK’s customers importing goods from Poland.

UKRGASBANK and ERU Trading are expanding their cooperation and starting to work on the Ukrainian market with new products

UKRGASBANK increased the trade finance limit for ERU Trading to UAH 650 million, in which it issued the first direct guarantee to the European gas supplier to Ukraine.

UKRGASBANK received an increase in the trade finance limit from IFC

UKRGASBANK is proud to announce an increase of USD 20 million in trade finance limit  from the International Financial Corporation (IFC) under the GTFP (Global Trade Facilitation Program). The total amount of the Ukrgasbank’s GTFP limit has now reached USD 40 million.

UKRGASBANK cares about the environment by supporting environmental projects of a private investor

UKRGASBANK has entered into UAH 7.5 million loan agreement with LNK LLC to finance purchase of a gas engine generator for a biogas power plant of LNK LLC in Cherkasy Oblast.

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